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Brrr….ring on the exercise: Tips for exercising in cold and icy weather

As we get hit by Siberian weather and storms, you may be finding it harder to keep up your exercise routine. Colder weather means getting out and about takes a lot more motivation than it does during the warmer months. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of our clients struggle to keep active in this weather too.

Least fit primary school pupils 20 years ago would be the fittest pupils today

A BBC television programme which aired in late January highlighted some shocking statistics around the fitness levels of our children. It pointed to indoor or screen-based activities playing a huge part in today’s children being the first generation in 70 years to be less fit than their parents; with the least fit primary aged children from 20 years ago, being considered among the fittest pupils today. Shockingly the research shows that the least fit child in a class of 30 ten-year-olds in 1998 would be in the top 5 fittest in 2018.

Positive spending in football

Football! The beautiful game that millions of fans every week brave the cold, wet British weather and spend their hard-earned cash to support their club. With clubs now receiving millions of pounds in lucrative television and sponsorship deals it’s not surprising that money within the game is a hot topic for supporters. Just the other week myself and a couple of friends were in the pre-match watering hole outside the ground discussing the high valuation of players and whether their performances match their worth! As you can imagine like most fans we agreed that we could do a job on the pitch and replace a few players, it also made me realise that most of the talk about money in football from the media is to your average supporter who is very critical of club spending.

Learning to Swim – Child development and learning

Children learn in many ways and learning is a continuous process which continues throughout all our lives.  Therefore, repeating and the development of skills throughout a swimmer’s life is vital for learning. For example, log rolls and pendulum rotations become forwards and backwards rolls and then tumble turns for a competitive swimmer and running on the spot (in water) becomes treading water with breaststroke legs, a vital personal survival skill and water polo skill.

How to make (and keep) your new year fitness resolutions

2018 is here! For many, fitness goals will be top of the list. In fact 38% of UK adults will vow to ‘exercise more’, with 33% saying they want to lose weight and 15% wanting to take a more proactive approach to health (according to CommRes).

Gym Etiquette: 8 Rules that any gym newbie – or not – should follow (Part 2)

If you read last week’s blog post on Gym Etiquette  and were left wanting more, here are another 8 rules that any gym goer should follow for a safe, more productive and more pleasant workout environment: