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actilife – it’s just about taking the first step…

New year has been and gone and if that includes your new year’s resolution, you are not alone. In fact, research from the University of Stranton highlighted than only 8% of people who made one, reached their goal. In fact, a poll conducted by BUPA found that less than 50% of those who made a resolution, lasted only 1 month.

Active children are healthier and smarter

It is vital that everyone maintains an active lifestyle to ensure they remain healthy and this of course includes children and young people. Today it can be easy for children to fall into the trap of spending too much time in front of the TV or computer, playing video games, or chatting to friends on social media but this has led to the current generation of children being branded ‘the least active generation in history’ by Lord Sebastian Coe.

Stop ‘tracker trolling’ and make a difference to public health right now

Malcolm McPhail, CEO

Including Christmas sales, estimates suggest that around 53 million fitness trackers will have been sold in 2016. It’s a staggering amount and a figure which, as the CEO of a sport and leisure trust and a former athlete, should fill me with joy. After all, how amazing is it that all these people are taking such a proactive approach to their health and fitness?

Exercise tips after suffering a heart attack (from the carer’s perspective)

One of my parents has just had a heart attack. I can’t believe it!! Will they ever be the same again? I remember them always being active and running about with me when I was little. I bet they won’t be able to do that now!

Gym Etiquette: 8 Rules that any gym newbie – or not – should follow (Part 2)

If you read last week’s blog post on Gym Etiquette  and were left wanting more, here are another 8 rules that any gym goer should follow for a safe, more productive and more pleasant workout environment:

Swim and you’re winning! Top 6 reasons to give swimming a go this winter

With the winter weather and colder temperatures drawing in for the next few months maybe it’s time to take your exercise indoors, into a nice warm environment and get some winter activity in, in the pool.