Do you have a goal you’re wanting to achieve in April? If so, why don’t you focus on ensuring you’re drinking enough water as it is extremely important to keep hydrated during the day?!

Did you know water accounts for two-thirds of our body weight? Therefore, it is critical that we drink enough fluids in order to maintain a healthy balance. Many people become dehydrated because they do not drink enough fluids or because they lose fluids and do not replace them. Good hydration prevents urinary tract infections (UTIs), headaches, constipation, dizziness that can lead to falls, confusion, kidney stones, pressure ulcers/skin conditions and poor health. To prevent all the above, why not keep a water bottle by your desk and take regular sips then when you walk to the water fountain this will keep you active and remind you to stay hydrated?

It’s critical to drink water during exercise because you can lose a lot of fluid – up to a litre or two per hour – primarily through sweating and breathing. As a result, you’ll need to drink more water when you exercise. If you do not replenish this fluid, you may become dehydrated. This can have an impact on both your overall health and your ability to exercise. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel tired faster and won’t be able to control your temperature as well as usual.

Dehydration can have an impact on your energy levels; did you know you won’t be able to work as hard if you don’t drink enough fluid? Drinking little and often rather than little and infrequently will give you the best chance of meeting your exercise goals!

Why don’t you bring a water bottle with you when you’re next exercising? From the 1st of May to the 31st of May the Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2022 will be taking place and would be a great way to keep hydrated while walking! The Let’s Walk GM Walking Festival 2022 encourages people to walk more in May by participating in a series of free, organised group walks. This is a celebration of National Walking Month 2022. To get involved and to find a local walk in your area please visit their website.