This March why don’t you take some time out of your month to celebrate Football?! Whether it be playing or watching the B-E-A-UTIFUL game it is guaranteed to put a SMILE on your face and up lift your March mood!

Did you know football is the world’s most popular sport? Here at Life Leisure, we feel football plays a massive role in people’s lives, whether that be helping to keep you active or enjoying the social aspects of playing or watching. It is an excellent sport for both children and adults. Football can improve our lives in more ways than you might think. It is not only a great way to stay fit and in shape, but it is also a great way to improve coordination, teamwork, and leadership skills while meeting new people.

I bet you weren’t aware, football is a sport that necessitates a wide range of skills, endurance, and stamina. Football is the ideal way to achieve optimal health, whether one is training with their team or competing against another team. Football benefits your physical fitness by increasing your overall strength, improving the health of your cardiovascular system, and improving your agility and reflexes. When you play football, you use a variety of muscle groups all over your body. There aren’t many other sports that offer as many health and fitness benefits as football. Every time you play football, you are working out your entire body. The combination of fresh air and physical activity can lead to excellent health and fitness. Isn’t that fantastic?! Could participating in football at Life Leisure benefit your health and create new opportunities for you?

Adult and junior pitch hire for 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11-a-side is available for seasonal training, club home fixtures and recreational use. Prices start from as little as £25 per hour, with casual ‘drop in and play’ also available at off peak times for those who just want a casual kick about!

A variety of block booking options are available, with discounts offered for all year-round bookings. For block bookings or general football information, please email our football team.

Our famous football facilities are the perfect way to becoming the BEST version of YOU.