Ever fancied taking up a new activity or getting back into a sport you once loved? A new year is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons, push out of your comfort zone and go for it! Did you know, having a new hobby can help you grow as a person, increases confidence, allows you to de-stress AND helps you socialise! Sound up your street? We’re here to tell you all about Life Leisure’s I Wish I’d Tried project and how it could benefit you (or someone you know).

Trying something new is the best way to find a new hobby and uncover a hidden passion. I Wish I’d Tried, ran by our Active Communities Team, allows you to try a new sport or activity in a friendly environment with other people who are also wanting to give something new a go. The project has several sport and exercise sessions available from Football to Badminton as well as lower impact ‘walking’ versions of these activities such as Walking Football. The sessions are designed to be welcoming for all ability levels and are open to all adults over the age of 25 at just £3 per session – making them super accessible. The purpose of I Wish I’d Tried is to inspire and engage more local people to participate in regular physical activity and encourage them to take part in at least 30 minutes of exercise per week. Preferably, something NEW!

The beauty of trying something new is that once you’ve discovered an activity you enjoy, it will soon become an important part of your life and not only shape your physical activity but your social life too. Who knows, you could make friends for life.  Socialising and making friends can also be beneficial to your general health by making you more likely to get up and be active which we all know is so important, especially after the effects of lockdown. Finding that activity that really resonates with you may take some time, but the adventure of discovering your ‘thing’ is half the fun. Try one, two, three, or all of the sessions on offer – nobody is stopping you!

I Wish I’d Tried could provide you or a loved one with an exciting new beginning for 2022 and we hope this project continues to inspire people all over Stockport to get up, get active and try something NEW. For more information on the project and how to get involved, please visit the Life Leisure website. We hope to see you soon!