So the Christmas party season has arrived. Which generally means…more parties, shopping trips and travelling meaning less gym visits, and more food and drink!

We all do it, chuck all our good habits out the window and say we will start again in January! Why? You will only feel worse or even feel like you are starting again! So why chuck all your hard work down the drain.
Why not plan, prepare and choose your drinks and nibbles wisely to have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year in every way and still fit into your party outfit!

Party night tips
Do not drink on an empty stomach, drinking on an empty stomach speeds up alcohol absorption. So don’t be tempted to have a few glasses whilst getting ready.

Every drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic, having water every now and then will decrease alcohol absorption and reduce dehydration the next day (reducing that hangover) and you will be able to enjoy the party for longer!

Go solo, don’t join the kitty! This will ensure you drink slower and will help you chose water between drinks as you will want your monies worth!

Tis the season to be jolly! Tips for those Christmas party nights (1)

Avoid cheap drink! It can contain more toxins, so go on treat yourself to the good stuff, it is Christmas after all.

Next day the dreaded hangover! We all know it’s the hangover that stops us from exercising, and ensures we sit on the sofa carb loading and feeling sorry for ourselves! But why do we feel so bad? Mostly because our bodies are dehydrated. So to rehydrate try some of these tips to speed up that recovery and get you back in the party mood:

• Avoid orange or acid drinks as they can aggravate the stomach
• Avoid caffeinated drinks as these will only dehydrate you more
• Eat slow-releasing wholemeal carbs as they will restore the blood sugar level. Try porridge or a bacon butty on wholemeal bread of course!
• Water before bed and as soon as you wake up – maybe try some dioralyte to restore blood sugar level, lost salt and minerals
• Try out a fun class like Zumba, Boxercise, Clubbercise or Aqua Aerobics to sweat out those toxins.Clubbercise
• Feel like you want to carbo load? You can just make the right choice by eating porridge or wholemeal bread, this slow releasing energy will bring your blood sugar levels back to normal.
• Fry up? Why not have a grilled bacon wholemeal sandwich, this will do the trick, as it’s got protein and slow releasing carbs to help you through the day
• Go bananas to help boost your energy for that trip to the gym 
• Get up and get out for a run, walk or swim to sweat out all those toxins

The party buffets
Food is everywhere, but that doesn’t mean you have to eat it all! Be selective, and make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet. Is your plate colourful? And not over loaded. Try getting a smart app to help you? Tracking what you eat and drink can help us make the right decisions and not over indulge.

Tis the season to be jolly! Tips for those Christmas party nights 2

So make sure this Christmas you don’t chuck the good habits completely out the window with our helpful tips and remember, don’t completely stop working out, I know it’s difficult to fit the usual 5 times a week hard training into your schedule, but plan time in for your workouts as they will do you more good than just running off the mince pies. Take an hour out for yourself and get a stress reducing work out in that will sweat out nasty toxins and improve energy levels, getting you ready to tackle the high street!