If you read last week’s blog post on Gym Etiquette  and were left wanting more, here are another 8 rules that any gym goer should follow for a safe, more productive and more pleasant workout environment:

Gym Etiquette, Mirror mirror on the wall

1. Mirror, mirror, on the wall…
The mirrors in the changing areas are there to check progress, retouch hair and makeup. However, mirrors in the studio and weights area, are for people to improve their form and technique, so use them wisely and avoid crossing in front of people exercising mid-set.

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2. The early bird catches the best spot
Fashionably late doesn’t apply for gym studio classes. Don’t miss that warm up, arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts so you can find your favourite spot and settle in without interruptions.

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3. Make some room in the studio
In some classes you will need more room, so be cautious of this when setting yourself up for a studio class, e.g. for a BodyCombat class make sure you leave plenty of room, there are far too many punches and kicks going on!

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4. Don’t be greedy
When the gym is busy there is a tendency for people to get the weights needed for their whole workout. Why not play the long game and share the toys for a better gym atmosphere all round.
If you are working out when the gym is at full capacity (or during peak times) try not to get hold of all the weights for a super long set.

Gym Etiquette Smile

5. Smile, it suits you
Cheesy, we know, but the gym is a social environment, and whether you are into making gym buddies or not, it’s always good to smile and be courteous to other gym goers. On a fitness note, it exercises your face muscles!

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6. Don’t be a changing room starfish!
With busy lives trying to fit in a regular gym routine often means coming before or after work with extra bags. When in the changing room, it’s important to be thoughtful and make sure there is space for other people too.

Gym Etiquette Cancelling

7. Cancelling is Caring… and Saving
Booked a class but can’t make it? We understand this can happen, but be sure to cancel it to free up the space in the class. You’ll also save by avoiding a non-attendance charge.

Gym Etiquette Your gym is designed

8. Your gym is designed with you in mind
Your gym layout has been cleverly designed to make sure there’s always an easy flow around the gym even at peak times. Exercising in the designated areas will make sure that you have maximum space and you won’t be blocking machines or fire exits for everyone’s safety and comfort.

And remember to break a sweat every time you visit the gym, but not this rules!