With the start of 2019, and the inevitable resolutions to get fitter and healthier that come with the advent of a New Year, we’ll see an increase in gym members looking to increase their physical activity levels. However, not all forms of physical activity are created equal. Boxing is one of the most physically demanding sports on your lungs, heart and muscles. If you can make it through the blood, sweat and tears, you will be rewarded with health benefits ranging from a longer life expectancy, less stress and more muscle.

Aerobic Conditioning

Boxing is such an exhaustingly demanding sport, especially on the heart and lungs. All of the aerobic conditioning that comes along with throwing punch after punch builds your cardiovascular system over time. The better shape your heart and lungs are in, the healthier you are. If you read any health magazine, they will advise that being in good shape increases your life expectancy. When your lungs and heart are stronger and better at pumping blood around the body, you feel the effects in your daily life. Your body recovers from stress faster, and physical exertion of any type seems easier.

Fat Loss

Boxers, with the exception of the heavyweight division, are notoriously lean athletes. For newcomers to the sport, or for those looking to lose weight, boxing can often become a more appealing method of training than just hitting the treadmill, or pounding the streets. That’s because training like a boxer, from resistance circuits, to bag work and even sparring, will cause your body to adapt and change to the increased demands of the sport. Losing fat from your body makes you healthier and less likely to suffer from chronic health conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. What better motivation than to look up your nearest boxing club or boxfit class at your local leisure centre?

Muscle Gain

In the same sense that it’s tough to box and not lose fat, the extra bonus is increased lean muscle mass. The development of power in the lower body, a strong core and a strong upper body musculature enable boxers to throw combinations of punches with speed and precision, while moving balletically and evading punches in return. An increased muscle mass can increase your metabolism thereby burning more calories at rest, it can also improve your life by making you stronger, and more robust to injury-risk. It can also make you feel more toned and boost your self-esteem.

Stress Relief

Whilst being in a ring, faced with an opponent desperately trying to hit you, may seem daunting to some, training like a boxer can be extremely cathartic. Exercise, in general, has a stress-relieving effect because it triggers the feel-good hormone, dopamine, to be released. Boxing can be a particularly useful method to work off pent-up aggression. Punching inanimate objects is a great way to release any built-up anger and the best part is that you can’t hurt anyone if you punch boxing bags.

Fit 2 Fight

If the prospect of learning a new sport, losing weight, getting fitter and stronger, or all three, are goals for 2019, then Life Leisures’ Fit 2 Fight is for you!! We will provide you with a weekly boxing conditioning session, a strength-for-sport exercise programme and specialist coaching sessions over 12 weeks, arming you with the confidence to unleash your inner warrior and ready to accept the ultimate boxing challenge. Fit 2 Fight starts on 21st January 2019, for further information or to book your place, please email us or speak to a member of the team at your preferred centre.