Stockport Moving Together is a joint initiative between Stockport Council, Life Leisure and other key local partners to identify and deliver projects that will support those recovering from COVID-19 and build resilience in the fight against the virus.

Exercise provides a host of medically proven health benefits, so a key goal for Stockport Moving Together is to help Stockport’s most vulnerable residents get fighting fit in the battle against COVID.

One year on from the nation’s first lockdown, Stockport Moving Together has provided one hundred COVID Physical Activity Packs, along with an exercise programme, which are now being delivered to care homes across the town, as well as to individuals who need help recovering from the virus.

These individuals include the likes of 66-year-old Mary, from Stockport, who received a Physical Activity Pack to help her recovery after contracting the virus last October. She has kindly shared her experience on receiving her pack from Stockport Moving Together and how it has helped her recovery from the virus over the past few months.

Mary said “I was excited to receive my COVID pack, which included a pedal exerciser bike, an exercise band set, the PARIS home activity guide and the Otago Strength aMary Smith_COVID Recovery Pack_Mar21nd Balance Programme.

“Owing to my disabilities and health conditions, I have had to shield since March 2020. I had brain stem strokes in 2007 and 2015. These have left me partially sighted and with poor balance and mobility. I fall easily and mobilize with 2 crutches. I’m also aphasic and have memory issues. I must have instructions one at a time and have swallowing problems; I choke easily. I also have severe osteoarthritis. I’ve had both shoulders replaced and my right knee, so pain is a big issue.”

“I contracted COVID in October 2020. To receive the COVID pack was a fantastic affirmation that I can still do somethings, albeit slowly! It helped to raise the mental fog of depression and anxiety, which was beginning to overwhelm me. The layout of the books with text and diagrams is helpful and clear, given that I use a magnifier.”

“The COVID pack itself is really nice. I like the bag keeping everything together. I typically use the bike in the evenings watching Channel 4 news or the latest briefing or bulletin from Boris! I’ve progressed to the medium light resistant band.”

Alongside receiving a recovery pack, recipients benefit from the specialist advice and ongoing support with a Life Leisure PARiS Coach to create a programme of exercises suitable for their personal recovery. Due to restrictions, this has mostly been facilitated through telephone consultations and digital classes and sessions.

Mary added “Dave Lornie has contributed much to my ongoing rehab. He has excellent communication skills and a brilliant sense of humour. He’s incredibly observant. He presents each session in a relaxed manner, adapting the exercises to each members’ need or disability.”

To benefit from our movement for health programmes you must be referred by your GP or hospital or individuals can self-refer via the website. Enquiries for the physical activity packs can be emailed to

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