Why Weight Lifting?

Weight Lifting is a new, up and coming sport, that actually is many sports secret weapon! Before we go into that though, a bit of history first! Weight Lifting is one of the oldest competitive sports, dating back to as far as ancient Greece. There is evidence it even existed on Mt Olympus with engraving on a boulder stating someone had lifted it. Sounds crazy but it’s true. It’s also been part of the Modern Olympic Games since its inception in 1896 with the very first GB Olympic Champion, weight lifter Launceston Elliot.

Weight Lifting is an amazingly addictive sport, once the bug has bitten you, you can’t stop! I’ve been actively involved in the sport in some way for 20 years and counting. It always offers something for me, from a fantastic community you can get involved with, volunteering opportunities, refereeing, competing or just training with a club. Weight Lifting as a sport is growing with incredible momentum from recognised brands and campaigns such as ‘This Girl Can’ backing the sport, and you might also have noticed something familiar with the campaign, as the photoshoot for the campaign took place locally in Stockport, at Life Leisure Houldsworth Village!

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting offers so many benefits it’s hard to go through them all, but here are some of the main ones!

Increased Flexibility:

Weight Lifting is brilliant for helping you gain more flexibility. Gone are the days that it’s seen as a feminine thing to do by guys in the gym. To be able to lift for longer in life without hurting yourself you need to maintain some form of mobility. The sport is great for that, we’ve got lifters who are still training in their late 80s and many of them look like they are in their 60s! The great benefit of increased mobility (and flexibility) is that it also helps reduce injury when you’re training for any other sport or just to keep fit.

Improved Metabolism & Energy Levels:

Incorporating weight lifting into your training will also increase your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and metabolism, meaning you burn calories for longer and even while you’re resting. It’s great for helping you lose fat, tone up and improve posture. It also improves energy levels because of heightened metabolism.

Increased Bone Density:

The final benefit we’ll look at is how weight lifting helps strengthen and increase bone density through the sport, with the direct result of helping reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis.

So, if you want to be more flexible, increase your metabolism, lose fat, tone up, improve posture and try a sport which has been around since ancient Greek times, you need to give Weight Lifting a go!