Swimming and time in the water is one of the best experiences you can share with your baby! Babies have a real affinity with water, having spent nine months growing in the aquatic environment of the womb, and many mothers choose a water birth as the most natural welcome to this world. Water is known as a warm, helpful environment during labour and offers a natural transition for the baby to the outside world.

Children can start swimming from birth and usually there’s nothing to worry about, apart from making sure the pool temperature is adequate as infants can get cold easily.

Baby swimming offers a great deal of benefits even if it is a slightly intimidating experience for most parents trying it for the first time.

Baby splashing 2

Baby swim classes offer fun, stimulating and relaxed environments for parents and children to bond together whilst developing water confidence through songs, structured games and play.  These socially stimulating classes start the journey of learning a very important life skill.

While your baby splashes, floats, glides and kicks they develop their balance, coordination and motor skills which all aids their mental development.  They also benefit from independent movement they wouldn’t be able to do yet in other areas of their life.

Want to give it a go? Life Leisure and Stockport Metro offer Baby Splash (0-3 years) and Swim Tots (1-4 years) sessions at all Life Leisure Centres. For more information please contact swimming@lifeleisure.net