Meet Kirstie, member at Life Leisure Marple and winner of our ‘Inspire to Win’ competition. Kirstie shared her great weight loss journey with us so she can help inspire people to follow in her footsteps!

In her own words:

“In October 2014 I weighed 15 stone 10 so I was classed as overweight. I didn’t do a single bit of exercise at all and I wasn’t ashamed. My friend joined a slimming club and I followed with her. I lost over 5 stone in 11 months and then I realised that diet wasn’t enough and I needed to get fit!

Kirstie Lawrence Before

Last year I joined Life Leisure to help me get fit. At first I didn’t feel like I could be in the gym alone and I thought everyone would laugh at me or be staring at me! But no, the gym is so much better than I thought as everyone is there for the same reason. It has a nice selection of equipment and is never too busy!

Kirstie Lawrence After

Life Leisure has really boosted my confidence massively. I’m not even ashamed of walking home after an hour long work out! I also walk to and from work everyday and I don’t get out of breath!

I’m not completely 100% done yet but I’m enjoying my time at Life Leisure and always look forward to going. Even if it is a miserable day and all I want to do is go home! I always feel motivated before and after a workout! And I’m always learning new exercises thanks to the fitness coaches. “