Being able to be active and move our bodies is something we often take for granted. National Fitness Day is a chance to celebrate physical activity as well as highlighting the role it plays in helping us lead healthier lifestyles. This year, National Fitness Day will take place on Wednesday 22nd September and we want to take this time to shout about the importance of being active.

What does fitness mean to you?

The first thing to remember is that ‘fitness’ means something different to everyone.  And that’s completely normal! Keeping physically active means something different to us all and we should celebrate that! Let’s break down the barriers that prevent people from being active. Fitness is for everyone no matter your age, gender or ability.

“Exercise is important to me for my well-being and motivation to always push myself. It’s also great that I get to workout with friends too” – Karen, lifeLEISURE Avondale member

Why exercise?

Regular exercise is important for people of all ages and abilities and as it provides benefits such as:

  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Improved respiratory, cardiovascular and overall health
  • Helps maintain a healthy weight (alongside a balanced diet)
  • Reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more!

Children also benefit from all the above and getting them into a habit of exercising from a young age can set them up for continuing to remaining physically active throughout adulthood.

We’ve discussed the benefits of physical activity on the body, BUT did you know that exercise also hugely benefits your mental health? Exercise causes your body to release chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain and trigger a positive feeling in the body. This is why the feeling that follows a workout is often described as “euphoric”. Please note, those struggling with their mental health should also seek medical advice and support.

How can I move more?

If you’re looking to increase your activity levels but not sure how to go about it, look no further. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

  1. Take up walking

It sounds obvious but so many of us are hardwired to jump in the car instead of using our legs. Nipping to the shops? Walk! Popping round to a friends for a cuppa? Enjoy a nice stroll! Sunny day? Get outside! Walking is taking things back to basics but it’s perfect as it’s suitable for almost all levels of ability and it’s also rather enjoyable.

  1. Dance like nobody is watching

Sticking some music on while you’re doing the dusting or folding washing will only lead to one thing.. Dancing! Which believe it or not is a form of exercise. Who would have thought you could be doing wonders for your body while doing the housework? What’s even better is you can get the whole family involved; it’s hidden exercise for them and a helping hand for you – it’s a win win!

  1. Plan your workout sessions in advance

Making plans and setting time aside to exercise will help massively as it’s so easy to change your mind and head home after a hard day’s work or snooze your alarm and get 30 minutes extra in bed in the morning! With the lifeLEISURE booking system remaining in place, a large portion of our members have said it provides accountability and makes them stick to their workout plans. You can book your gym session, swim or studio class in advance with ease via our BRAND NEW app!


lifeLEISURE are proud to support National Fitness Day and will be hosting a range of fun challenges at each site within the gym and the usual timetable of activities – This includes our Ultimate Triathlon Challenge! Cycle, swim, run or walk and track your distance to help us get as far around the world as we can (an estimated distance from pole to pole of 24,860 miles!) Don’t forget to log your distance with a member of the fitness team to make it count! We are also inviting you to try Zumba and see how fun exercise can be! Book your space on our Zumba class at Houldsworth Village on 22nd September at 7.30pm. Not a member? We welcome you to join in as well! Track your distance travelled during your walk, bike ride or run on Wednesday 22nd September and send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram to make it count. You can also sign up to a casual membership here and book your space on our Zumba class!

So, to summarise, fitness is for everybody and however you enjoy to get active is more than okay! Whatever fitness means to you, we want to hear about it! Tag us, tweet us, comment – get in touch however you like and let’s celebrate fitness together.