Hooray!! Christmas is around the corner! Welcome to party season! Long lunches and big nights out are what we get to do at this time of the year without feeling guilty! We get to indulge, enjoy and satisfy ourselves all because….it’s CHRISTMAS!

But without realising it, we become one of those people, those people with the good intentions that say, ‘I’ll start fresh in the New Year’ and why?

You’ve worked hard all year to maintain a happy and healthy you, and then for one month of the year you’re willing to let it all go.

I’m not saying that Christmas isn’t a time to be festive and jolly, of course not, but if you are already keen on keeping healthy and fit, why not make a few changes this year to keep your good habits throughout the Christmas season?

• As the build up to Christmas intensifies, many people will skip their normally scheduled training sessions for ‘that last bit of Christmas shopping’ or those ‘after work Christmas drinks’. So rather than skipping your sessions, try to get your exercise in before work, or even at lunchtime. And if you do miss a session, don’t let that deter you for the rest of the week.

Happy Healthy Christmas 2

• Christmas is the time for generosity, and a lot of work places will show that by providing a constant flow of sweets and treats. Rather than eating the same few Celebration/Roses chocolates etc. try to wait it out for something worth having. If a co-worker brings in a special homemade chocolate cake on Friday, take a nice big piece and enjoy it, rather than worrying about all those other little chocolates you ate from Monday to Thursday.

• Is it me or is it always a rush to try and fit in visits and catch-ups with friends because Christmas is coming. If you find you have suddenly agreed to a lot of restaurant meals, then don’t panic. Enjoy them. But rather than starving yourself all day knowing you’re going out for dinner, try to eat healthily throughout the day, such as porridge for breakfast, a delicious homemade salad for lunch, and small snacks such as fruit and yogurt or a handful of nuts. This way your body won’t crave everything on the menu once you’re out, helping you to choose exactly what you want and you can enjoy your meal knowing you made good healthy choices throughout the rest of the day.

• Did you know that the average person in the United Kingdom will consume in excess of over 12,000kcalories on Christmas and Boxing Day alone. That is 5-6 days worth of calories in just two days. I know, everybody loves Christmas dinner and all the trimmings, that’s all part of the day! But why not try mixing it up a little; have a mixture of roast potatoes and sweet potato chips? Instead of the usual starters and sides such as pigs in blankets, you could make a healthy hearty soup or use a tomato based dip instead of those creamy calorific ones.

• Why not do a small family walk on Christmas, get some fresh air and build up an appetite, or keep the brain active by playing family games, this can stop unnecessary snacking as you will concentrate on other things and as an added bonus you’ll add extra fun time for all the family!
But despite all the hype, even if you do feel like you have over indulged this year, try not to worry, hopefully by following some of our tips and being mindful, that the 1 or 2 pounds you gain, will easily come off once you get back to ‘normal life’!

But most importantly of all, remember to still enjoy yourself!! It is Christmas after all!