Tom O'Sullivan

Meet Tom! A Sports Rehabilitation Specialist for Olympos Sports Injury Consultation,Tom’s interest in sports medicine started to take root during his career as an elite gymnast, when he realised that his teammates would frequently sustain injuries that would put them out of training and cause them to miss competitions, so he felt compelled to become a sports rehabilitation therapist so he could help other athletes return to competition after an injury. He pursued a degree in sports rehabilitation at the University of Salford, and in his final year he went on placement with Olympos and gained invaluable experience working with a variety of patients from a multitude of backgrounds. He graduated in 2019 and is now working in multiple practices across Greater Manchester. Aside from his work in sports medicine, Tom also has experience in teaching a variety of classes, ranging from gymnastics to injury prevention, and he enjoys coaching gymnastics and training in mixed martial arts.

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